Programmable Digital Timer Switch HET01-R

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7-day Heavy Duyu Digital In-wall Timer

Single Pole, Relay Control, Neutral Wire Required

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HET01-R is an in-wall digital timer switch with 7-day programming. This timer switch allows users to program and save up to 18 unique pairs of ON/OFF settings. Program unique lighting schedules for all days of the week, individual days of the week, weekdays-only, or weekends-only. The digital timer features a large LCD screen and a built-in battery pack that retains saved programs in the event of a power outage. A manual override button allows the load to be turned ON/OFF at any time. This device works with most lighting types.



- Programmable Light Switch

To use the MODE buttons, switch between manual and automatic.

To use the Man buttons, close the door and use HET01-R as a manual light switch.
- Energy Saving
Customize the 'on' and 'off' for your lights, and never will you have an unoccupied room with energy wasted.
■ Interior Lighting        ■ Exterior Lighting
■ Seasonal Lighting      ■ Fans
■ Bathrooms

Technical Details

Part Number HET01-R
Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz
Resistive 15A, 1800W
Tungsten 1200W
Electronic Ballast/LED 5A or 600W
Motor 1/2Hp

Daylight Savings Time Feature

No. of On/Off Schedules 18
Switch Type Single-pole only
Neutral Wire Required Required
Usage ‎Indoor Use Only




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