7-Button Preset Countdown Time Switch HET06-R

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In-Wall Countdown Timer

6 time selection buttons with activation indicator lights

Single Pole, Relay Control, Neutral Wire Required

Time can be customized.

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Product Description

The preset countdown timer replaces standard single-pole wall switch for energy savings throught the home. It turns controlled lights or fans off when the selected time expires.

Turning loads on with HET06-R is accomplished by pressing the desired time selection or on/off bbutton. After  one button is pressed,  lights will remain on for the duration of the selected time delay that was new setting or last setting used. You can manually turn off the load before the time delay expired by pressing the on/off button. To change the time delay setting, press the desired time selection button and the HET06-R will change to that countdown interval. When the Timer Switch is powered on, it is ready to be set.




- 6 Times Options
Adjustable time Delay: 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes. Time can be customized.
- LED Indicator
Mode 1: Light flashes twice to show the new countdown interval is set. When the set time is out, the indicator light under the on/off will also flash twice.
Mode 2: LED stays on during the selected time delay then shuts off

- Home Comfort
Easy to install and compatible with most lighting types. Ideal for closet, pantry, garage, laundry room, and outdoor lighting.
- Savings
Economical option to help save on your monthly electricity bill. Never will there be lights left on in an unoccupied room.
■Closet         ■Laundry Room
■Spa              ■ Outdoor Lighting
■ Pantry        ■ Garage

Technical Details

Part Number HET06-R
Voltage 125VAC, 60Hz
Resistive 15A
Ballast 1200 VA
Tungsten 1000W
Electronic Ballast/LED 5A or 600W
Motor 1/2HP
Switch Type Push Button Switch
Neutral Wire Required Required
Usage Commercial/Residential indoor use only
Operating Temperature 32°F to 131°F(0°C to 55°C)
Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing





- UL/CUL listed
- ISO9001 Registered
Manufacturing Facility

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